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Be Compliant. Be Sustainable. Be Transparent. Behave.

Struggling to integrate risk management and sustainability into your business?

The UN sustainable development goals from 2015, together with new rules and legislation, have increased the need of a robust system for managing compliance, sustainable responsibility and transparency.  

Easy to Trust’s digital platform helps corporations to attain greater efficiency and increased profitability, with a clear connection to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Our platform helps companies assess themselves in relation to globally accepted frameworks in sustainability, with a focus on managing risks and enhancing their current sustainability footprint.

Sustainable Profitability

The challenge is to create value while ensuring positive environmental and social impact, and to emphasize the importance of effective resource management, for the environment & community.  

The first step towards facing this challenge, is to measure and monitor sustainability performance, based on globally accepted frameworks. Now more than ever, there is an increased focus on credible sustainability information and reporting non-financial figures is no longer a choice, but an expectation. 

Our digital platform makes possible effective, precise and integrated reporting by visualizing sustainability KPIs in an easy manner. The tool offers a ready-to-use set of standardized KPIs across social, economic and environmental data metrics, with the option to input data manually or import data from Microsoft Excel or other pre-existing systems. There is a possibility to also create custom KPIs and choose the appearance, layout and data metrics as required.  

Our team of experts have knowledge and expertise in sustainability data management and reporting. Beyond what our tool offers, we can guide you towards defining a clear approach to sustainability, setting tangible goals and methods to achieve the same. We support you in effectively communicating with your stakeholders on your company’s sustainability performance. 

Management Approach

Sustainability encourages people, politics, and businesses to make decisions based on the long term, act responsibly and think beyond the profit and loss involved. 

Easy to Trust helps organizations identify, analyze and manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their business. With increasing demands from investors, employees and customers, it is important to define a clear sustainability strategy with a risk management approach, to become a responsible business of the future.

Our digital platform helps you seamlessly integrate sustainability into overall business processes, with a strong focus on risk mitigation and process control. The tool visualizes a dashboard of progress, giving the management a quick overview of business processes and the associated risks and controls, with real-time updates.

Our team of experts can also advise and support your management team on integrating sustainability into the core business strategy of the organization. Through a series of workshops for current state assessments, materiality analysis, stakeholder identification and engagement, we help companies understand in what context sustainability applies to them and how the organization can build a top-down approach in business sustainability, for the short-term and long-term.

Risk & Compliance

Managing risk and compliance is about giving assurance of the organization’s ability to achieve objectives and address uncertainties with an effective sustainable risk approach. 

The key to success is a strategy that provides direction, a committed and dedicated management to execute, an organization with conditions to implement and the prerequisites to continuously monitor fast and efficient governance. It will strongly support the achievement of a company’s performance and profitability targets and prevent loss or misuse of resources.   

Our digital platform allows you to not only create value by integrating and managing risk and opportunities in the business processes, but also go further into upstream and downstream processes that results in sustainable value chains and increased profitability. The tool offers options to identify and mitigate business process risks, with well-defined controls to monitor performance in real time. ETT employs a powerful risk matrix feature, with the possibility of measuring financial risks on sustainability parameters. 

Our team of experts has a long-standing experience in business process control and risk management and we understand that being consistent with laws and regulations avoids damage to reputation and adds high value related to social, environmental and economic dimensions. We help you understand how business, financial and ESG related risks are connected directly to a company’s sustainability performance 

Digital platform

Easy to Trust is a digital platform helping corporations to attain greater efficiency and increased profitability, with a clear connection to the sustainable development goals of UN. The platform verifies the regulatory compliance of the organization in a systemized way by connecting the UN Global Goals with the strategic goals of the organization. Easy To Trust provides a secure and stable infrastructure to manage risk and communicate your company’s commitment and performance within compliance, sustainability and profitability.

Advanced Enterprise Solution

Powerful solutions designed for large enterprises, to monitor business compliance and to support sustainability performance and reporting under social, environmental and business metrics in accordance with globally accepted frameworks such as UNGC, GRI and UN Global Goals.

Plug-n-play Solution

A ready-to-use solution to solve resource dilemmas, with a well-instructed and easy to use set-up, monitoring the most essential sustainability KPIs aligned with globally accepted frameworks, with the option to choose from a set of available standardized KPIs covering social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Non-financial disclosure

Easy to Trust supports the entire process of gathering and disclosing data on non-financial aspects of a company’s performance throughout the value chain assessing employees, customers and suppliers with visualized KPIs and reporting usable for reliable controlling using easily accessible software.

Behavior transformation

Even seemingly small behavior changes can have big aggregated impact. We guide you in using valuable insights on how transformed behavior and nudging techniques can give your business a competitive advantage and help you to make real sustainable impact.

Framework we support

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • UN Global Compact
  • Global Reporting Initiative
  • COSO
  • ISO Regulations
  • TCFD

Key benefits

  • Unlimited number of users per license
  • Proactively share information
  • Inbuilt self assessments
  • Experience-anchored solutions
  • User friendly and easy to set up
  • Dashboard with real time updates
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