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  • Q) Our business is a service company, is this platform usable for us?
    • A) Yes, our platform is a fully customizable and flexible tool menat ot suit both manufacturing as well as service industries. Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can design the tool based on your needs.
  • Q) We are in the process of digitalizing and need a tool to handle several of our processes and evaluate our performance on a local as well as global scale. Can this tool handle that?
    • A) This tool was primarily developed for large enterprises, with SSAB as our partner during development phases. SSAB operates globally and uses the tool worldwide.
    • We have designed an easy to use and easy to set up tool, keeping in mind the complexities of quality and assurance associated with global operations. We offer solutions adaptable to any organization, irrespective of the size.
  • Q) Can this tool help us get an ISO 14001 certification in a quick manner?
    • A) The use of this tool and it complementary services can certainly help your business become ISO 14001 ready. The tool can assure your environmental management system processes and give a risk and opportunities perspective from an environmental sustainability point of view.
    • The tool has an intergration between all business processes, detection of gaps nad its action plans, follow up with assesments to confirm efficiency and KPI´s for business control. This is supplemented by an internal audit assessment feature within the tool. However, please note, we are not auditors and are not authorized to perform external audits.
  • Q) How much will the tool cost me?
    • A) Since we work with our customers on customizing and scaling the tool for their company´s needs, pricing depends upon various factors. What is most important for us, is to be able to collaborate and do good work with exciting companies wanting to be more transparent and sustainable.
    • Please get in touch with us for details on how we can design our tool and pricing ot meet your requirements.
  • Q) Can you assist us with sustainability expertise beyond the tool?
    • A) Yes, we offer complementary services apart from the tool as well. We are an experienced team of business finance, risk management and as well as sustainability professionals which can help you merge the perspectives of business process management and sustainability together.
    • Read our services page for further information.