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Risk & Compliance

Managing risk and compliance is about giving assurance of the organization’s ability to achieve objectives and address uncertainties with an effective sustainable risk approach. 

The key to success is a strategy that provides direction, a committed and dedicated management to execute, an organization with conditions to implement and the prerequisites to continuously monitor fast and efficient governance. It will strongly support the achievement of a company’s performance and profitability targets and prevent loss or misuse of resources.   

Our digital platform allows you to not only create value by integrating and managing risk and opportunities in the business processes, but also go further into upstream and downstream processes that results in sustainable value chains and increased profitability. The tool offers options to identify and mitigate business process risks, with well-defined controls to monitor performance in real time. ETT employs a powerful risk matrix feature, with the possibility of measuring financial risks on sustainability parameters. 

Our team of experts has a long-standing experience in business process control and risk management and we understand that being consistent with laws and regulations avoids damage to reputation and adds high value related to social, environmental and economic dimensions. We help you understand how business, financial and ESG related risks are connected directly to a company’s sustainability performance