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ETT Sustainability Analysis

The quiz assesses a company’s contribution and initiatives across different aspects of sustainability ranging from leadership, environmental stewardship, and health and safety.

The ultimate objective of this entire process is to help a company understand and leverage sustainability drivers in all business decisions and processes to enable sustainable growth.

Find out where you stand in your sustainability journey.

Corporate awareness

Is your senior management involved in sustainability related decision-making?
Does your company have a well-defined approach to sustainability with specified focus areas?
Does your company have a process for identifying, assessing, and responding to sustainability-related risks and opportunities?
Have expectations from your stakeholders prompted you to track and communicate your sustainability performance?
Is sustainability considered while making investment-related decisions?
Do you regularly review sustainability initiatives in your management meetings?
1 out of 3

Environmental awareness

Does your company have an environmental policy?
Is the 3R practice of reduce, reuse, recycle adopted in the material handling process?
Does your company have a formal action plan to reduce carbon emissions?
Is your company undertaking targeted initiatives for the management of waste and energy?
2 out of 3

Social awareness

Does your company have a human rights/anti-corruption policy?

Does your company have a supplier assessment program?
Does your company have a health & safety policy, along with measures to monitor safety at the workplace?
Does your company undertake initiatives to safeguard the wellbeing of employees?
Does the company focus on learning & development trainings for employees?
Does your company use a digital data management tool for sustainability metrics?
3 out of 3