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Sustainability – when did it become more than a buzz word?

The world that we live in is slowly disappearing in to the nadir of the oblivion. With every acre of rainforest burning, every single ice cap melting and with every milligram of harmful gas emitted in to the atmosphere, we are being our very own architects of destruction.  Sustainability might have been a buzz word in the beginning of the century, but is very much a real and immediate need of today. If we are to have any hope of a decent and civilized life on this planet in the near future which is devoid of gas masks and oxygen cylinders, we have to act and now.

In addition to climate change, which is one of the most common manifestations of unsustainable operations, other issues that need immediate attention are environmental degradation, pollution of water bodies and loss of biodiversity. Countering these aspects needs measures that aim for not only concerted efforts by corporates to ensure environment friendly practices but also intervention at the global level between governments and authorities to aim for holistic developments in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced loss and better and more prudent strategies and operations, both on a domestic and global scale.