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White Paper – Importance of ESG Reporting

 How receptive are SMEs towards ESG reporting?

The responsibility to work towards a sustainable future no longer lies only with large companies, but a shift in approach amongst the SMEs could be the spark that ignites the flame.


The question is no longer on if SMEs should do an ESG report but when? According to the latest amendments in the CSRD, listed SMEs, small and non-complex institutions, and captive insurance undertakings will have to start reporting on their ESG initiatives from January 2026. With our white paper we hope SMEs get more clarity about ESG reporting and its potential benefit for the business. While SMEs have fewer resources to dedicate to ESG reporting, they (SMEs) can take advantage of their company size to make decisions on ESG strategy and implementations a lot faster than large corporations.


There are tech-enabled solutions like the one provided by Easy to Trust that is automating the reporting processes that SMEs can take help of to increase transparency into ESG data will help ensure that they can produce the required reports. With three years to go until reporting starts becoming mandatory for the SMEs, we believe now is the right time for SMEs to start thinking about ESG reporting and actively start preparing for it.



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